The Friends of Camp Floyd and Fairfield town and the Camp Floyd Stage Coach Inn State Park are preparing a fund raising proposal to build a new historic looking complex on the site of old Camp Floyd.

The project is raising funds for the construction of a multi-tenant, Camp Floyd period looking visitor's center.  Phase one is raising $150,000 to acquire about ten acres of empty land on the site of Camp Floyd.  A project manager will be obtained to prepare and manage a professional proposal to government and private funding sources. 

The monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month in 2016 will be focused on this projects.  This page on the website will be updated as the  proposal is developed.  We welcome interested parties to join our Google+ site  

Last summer the Masonic Order donated $500 toward scholarships for campers.  There is more needed so this summer we want to increase the fund to $1,300. We have links to Friends Of Camp Floyd Facebook 2014 Campaign

This fundraising campaign is on the internet so that you can share it with your friends on Facebook.  We got in on these fundraising campaigns just as they were starting.  This and the Sign campaign run only to the end of the year so we need to start sharing and inviting others to contribute.  A successful month will demonstrate that we are a valuable asset to the State park. 

Please click on the links and lets get some money for the boys and girls.
We now have property along the highway where 2.500 cars a day can see a sign. A series of three or more signs will tell that Fairfield, Utah is the historic home of Camp Floyd, it was the third largest Utah city in 1859 and historical reenactment activities and museums are at the next turn. 

By extending the existing roadside property we can construct historic buildings as a three dimensional attention getting attraction. 

Within the city blocks signs will be created at the Historic Farifield walking tour sites. The signs will display a paragraph of text.  

To raise the $5,000 needed for the project a fundraising project is going on in December to attract 40 unique donors.  Volunteers are needed to research the 100 different locations and discuss history with property owners.  We anticipate we can order the signs through the State park so we can get the prison discount.



    The Friends of Camp Floyd President is using a blog format to stimulate discussion and coordination with members, residents, the City officials and the State Park management.


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