The meeting will be delayed to the second week of July because of the 4th of July holiday weekend.  On July 9th we will meet in the usual Lehi City Historical Archives on 2100 North. 

The minutes of the last few months had technical difficulties they were posted to the blog section of this website but did  not get published.  This was not noticed until July 7th.  The blog page on the site has been fixed and renamed "Minutes".  

The July meeting agenda:
1. Discussion of the preparations for the Labor day activities
2. Signage planned by the Town of Fairfield
3. Property acquisition activities
4. Additional living history days
5. Nominations and elections

Conducting:  Mike Helmantoler
Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Margaret Buttars

John Haws is moving our meeting place in the Lehi City Historical Archives to a new location.  It will be south of the library in one of the older homes.  He will have more for his awesome collection.  Thank you John for all the work you do to preserve history.

We are going to start collecting stories of Fairfield to write another booklet.  It will cover from  about  1859 to 1861.

We sold out of our “Frog Town” booklets.  Brad is going to print more copies to sell on Labor Day weekend, and  on our web site.  

Our Labor Day weekend will be basically the same as Memorial Day.

Mike acquired 4  stage flats  (4’ X 8’)  that are the same color as adobe bricks we discussed different ideas of how to use them.  
Mike is going try  again to get someone to let us put up a sign on their property.

Next meeting:  July  9, 2015        7   P M at the present Archives location.

May Meeting at Lehi City Historical Archive
Conducting: Brad  Gurney Vice President
Minutes Recorded by Margaret Buttars, Secretary Treasurer
Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt

Pam brought copies of the book   ‘Frog Town and Buildings of Fairfield and Camp Floyd’.  She finished  typing it.  She asked for people to read through it to get feedback.  She did a great job putting all this together.  Thank you Lynn and Pam for all the many hours you put into this project, it is greatly appreciated.Brad will design a cover for it and print about 50 copies  for Memorial Day, we will sell them for$4.95.John and Russ put a book together of the Poems written by soldiers at Camp Floyd.  Brad is going to design a cover for this and it will be sold in the commissary for $4.95.

John and Russ put a book together of the Poems written by soldiers at Camp Floyd.  Brad is going to design a cover for this and it will be sold in the commissary for $4.95.After these projects are all done, we would like to collect stories of people to put in a book.  We will meet at Brad’s work and start scanning all of our stories, to be put in a booklet.Memorial Day:    Russ will email the people about setting up tents..  We hope to have the Barber,  a fashion show, apple press, and confederate soldiers, and a petting zoo.

We have a 90’ flag pole to put up by the commissary.  It is like the one used at Camp Floyd.Russ knows  someone how can put it up for us. 
Next meeting:  June 4, 2015        7   P M
Conducting:  Mike Helmantoler

Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Chuck Mood,  Russ Felt 

Informal working meeting reviewing the historical sites for the walking tour map and the up coming series of books.  There was an open discussion on what resources were available for authorship.

This will be the last attempt to conduct meetings using the Google application.

Next meeting:  May 7, 2015        7   P M

Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Margaret Buttars, Pam Carson, Lynn Carson, Chuck Mood, Brad Gurney  and others listening in on Google Hangouts who did not announce themselves.

Memorial Day agenda items were tabled until April meeting due to the presenters being absent.

Michael Helmantoler is working on a Google Map of Fairfield and Camp Floyd that will be used for ‘Walking Tour’.   The map has  198 markers with coded two digit IDs identifying military, civilian buildings, residents in the 1860 census and their at Camp Floyd and Fairfield.  These IDs will be mounted on a cedar post and can be looked up in the book or on a smart phone. The map marker pin ID will take the smart phone user to a  photo and a short bio or building description. Visitors to the Fairfield Historical Society web site will be able to see the interactive Google map and visit Fairfield from a distance.

Pam Carson has been editing the booklet on the Buildings of Frogtown written by John Haws. This will be one of the booklets that will be available for sale in the commissary for about $5.00.

Brad Gurney reported that Fairfield is one of five cites that is being looked at for the new prison.    There are pros for the State Park with more traffic and cons for the town of Fairield with the loss of its privacy to the prison visitors.  It will be close to Five Mile Pass.  Brad suggested that we write letters to the editor, because it would be good publicity for the camp and Fairfield and to be sure and mention our web sites.

Next month we will discuss Memorial Day and Labor Day plans.

Next Meeting:     April  2 ,  2015            Lehi Archives Building               7:00  P.M.     


Key property owners and historical markers on their property: Michael

Memorial Day encampment:dressing and marching kid: Mark and Chuck

Camping participants: Gayel and Kirk Bishoff

Schedule for Non camping Friends as docents in the school and Inn: Mark Trotter

Camping area information center with Historical Society booklets and flyers: Russ or Brad

Memorial Day enauguration of the walking tour: Michael
Minutes of the Friends of Camp Floyd and Fairfield    5 February 2015   7 pm    Lehi Archive

Secretary Margaret Buttars absent, notes by Pamela Carson

Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Sandra Helmantoler, Pam Carson, Lynn Carson, Mark Trotter, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt, guests Paulette Evans, Bill Evans, Melodie Brimhall

Michael followed the agenda posted in the previous posting on this blog. This blog serves as the notification of the  agenda and the posting of the minutes of the meeting.

Societies Day at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference at the Salt Palace.  Michael will be there to promote the Friends of Camp Floyd.

Our website will have links to the books now in progress.  Michael showed us a mockup of the booklet with the walking tour of Frogtown (Fairfield) in it.

Frogtown has a Wikipage on Research Wiki.

DUP volunteers are needed to be docents for the park areas, especially during activities in Fairfield, Labor Day, Frogtown Day, Memorial Day, Ladies of Camp Floyd Day, etc.  DUP company president in Lehi, with 10 camps (groups), is Annjeanette Lofgren.  801-882-3049. Wearing period clothing is helpful.

We are looking for writers to prepare documents for that will be posted to the Fairfield Utah Research Wiki page.

Lynn Carson spoke about meeting with Pat Cartwright other Carson family members who wanted information about the Carson ancestors.  They agreed to have a Carson family reunion in July at the park and Mark confirmed the date.  The family were told about the Friends of Camp Floyd and none of them had heard about it.  We need to share the information with extended family members.

Handouts tonight were two maps of Fairfield, one is current and the other from 1861 with residents listed on both.

Pam Carson shared two histories of pony express riders/staff who were in Fairfield: Lucius Valette McKenzie was a pony express rider and later freighter for the army and A. B. Miller, who worked for W.H. Russell as an agent (office in Fairfield) and acquired the horses.  The obituary for McKenzie was difficult to read so Pam volunteered to type it and email it.

Paulette Evans was introduced as the guest speaker. She is related to the Hodge and Dubois families.  She told stories of life in Fairfield, Cedar Fort and Lehi.

Charles Roland Stebbens was a gambler and married a Hodge, Helen “Nell” married in Fairfield.  He made a great deal of money gambling.   

Michael suggested we collect stories from the "old timers".  Paulette told about a family member with too much time on his hands who cut his donkey’s tail into 3 bells (shaped the tail into three vertical isosceles triangles) and people would stop and stare at the donkey .

Mark said the genealogy and stories were great but we need to focus on our mission statement and land, funding, and volunteers are our first priority. See mission statement.  We then discussed possible land swaps and land purchases.  We studied the maps of Fairfield and the county area.  Our priority is to hopefully acquire property near the commissary . 

We discuss the Memorial Day activities including the fashion show and reenactors.  Mark needs help.  A pony express saddle will be coming.

Michael said we need fund raising, the memberships are not very much money.  We need donations from companies such as Adobe.  We discussed other possibilities for donations: waste management, the new dump, dry farmers, Wells Fargo, etc.  We need to specify what we want before we request donations.  Specify our goal.  We can ask the legislator for Eagle Mountain and the valley area for money for projects.

Meeting ended but close to 8:30 pm.
Face to Face and Teleconference Meeting at 7:00 PM Thursday

Special Guest:  Paulette Evans  a 1934 resident of Fairfield.

Fairfield Utah Historical Society  
  1. Plans for Societies Day at the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference
  2. Promotion ideas for our Society page on the FamilySearch Research Wiki
  3. Barn Raising to prepare documents for the Fairfield Utah  research page
  4. Involving Friends in contributing to the Frogtown wiki page
  5. Local Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Docents at the Inn and School

Friends Living History Association 
The board meeting was held as a video teleconference via Google Hangouts.  Attending: Michael Helmantoler, President; Margaret Buttars, Secretary/Treasurer; Russ Felt, Chairman; Mark Trotter and Chuck Mood, Camp Floyd State Parks Representatives;  Robin Watson-Christianson, Friends of the Utah State Parks Representative.

Video Conferencing Project
This and the last monthly meeting were held using only Google Hangout video to involve Friends in St. George and Davis Counties.  The Hangout video conference feature accommodates 9 speakers, we had 9 in January. The Hangout Uberconference  add-in application  extends the online meeting to  9 additional voice calls.  In February we will do a combination of face to face at the Lehi Archives which does not have telephone lines or broadband internet so we will use a cell phone for audio conferencing with the distant parties.

Internet Based Fundraising Project
Mike H reported that our Google Search AdWords grant for $300 a month is bringing more hits on our web site. The December fundraising campaign tools from Global and advertisements on our website gave our scholarships campaigns good visibility. However, since these payment facilitators keep 3% of the money for credit card and processing fees, some of our members don’t like using this tool. 

Signage Project
We did not raise any money using Global Giving web advertising for our signage campaign. But we found out we can order the signs to be produced by the State Prison if we order through the State park.  We will also post our Walking Tour Stops as pin on Google Maps.

Social Media  Project
The most success we had using social media tools including Facebook,, Twitter, Pinterest and Google was with   Mike H used his personal contact list and got connected to about 50 historians interested in Utah and Civil War history. Many are professionals at Family Search, Church History Department and the Utah Department of History.

History Society Project
Since forming the Fairfield Utah History Society as a Friends project, we have created and published a research wiki page.   There was only a “stub” research article on Fairfield; so we got permission to adopt the Fairfield page. We added links to articles on our Friends web site such as the families on 1860 Census of Camp Floyd.

Mike H proposed we join and attend the Federation of Genealogy Societies in Salt Lake next month.  We can expose our society to 3,000 other societies and distribute flyers on the books we will be publishing.

Booklet Series Project
The history society will publish 6-8 booklets and sell them through the Park Museum, the State approved that we could sell them to the Commissary at wholesale then the commissary could sell at retail.  The Friends of Camp Floyd would hold the copyright and could sell electronic Kindle versions. 
  • Russ Felt said he received a history of Fairfield from Jerri Hanson written in 1945.  He thought it would be a good idea to have it at the front of the book and then have families add their histories to the book.  

  • Mike H. found a copy of the Carson family walking tour from 1945.  It could be in a book form to accompany several maps that could be sold in the commissary.  Mark wants to look at it first.

  • Pam Carson sent a notice about an article about the Pony Express in the Salt Lake Tribune. Russ Felt contacted the reporter to come to the Camp Floyd to see the Pony Express artifacts this June.  

  • Russ and John Haws put together a booklet of poems written by Camp Floyd soldiers.  It is being editing by a former BYU English professor and will be ready soon.
Annual Membership Dues
Mike H reminded all that we can pay our dues through Pay Pal on the website or by check to Margaret Buttars. The membership card provides unlimited access to the park and 10% discount on commissary items including  books.

Artifacts and Archives
We have boxes of Camp Floyd artifacts donated by Ron Meyer of American Fork.   There are a hundred and thirty boxes of BYU archaeological artifacts are being kept in the Fort Douglas archive.  Chuck Mood of the State Park is working on the inventory and which reminds them that they belong  of Camp Floyd.

Next Meeting:     Feb. 5, 2015            Lehi Archives Building               7:00 P.M.    

Minutes Recorded by Margaret Buttars, Secretary/Treasurer. Edited and Approved by Michael Helmantoler, President


On-Line Google Hangout Meeting

We will NOT be physically meeting in January.  Our meeting is open to anyone with this  Google Hangout  link.  

Meeting Date
Since the first Thursday of the month falls on New Years Day, we moved it to the second week.  However that day is the Fairfield City Council Meeting where several of our key members serve.  So we moved it to the Wednesday before on January 7. 2015.  

Vote by your attendance on our Google Hangout  if you have not tried this way of meeting before January 7th try it and connect to our president at , and we will walk you through your first time.

Results of our on-line fundraising projects
Global Giving
Amazon Smiles
Email partners

Fairfield Utah Historical Society  
Our Society page on the FamilySearch Research Wiki
Our adoption of the Fairfield Utah  research page
Involving Friends in contributing to the Frogtown wiki page

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