MARCH 3, 2016

Presiding President Brad Gurney, Vice President:  Russ Felt, John Hass, Mark Trotter,

Mike Helmantroler,  Roger Bloomquist, Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Margaret Buttars.

Brad is our new President and Russ our Vice President.  Mike will still be over the communications.  Jordan Baker  will maintain the face book site for us.

All of the Frog Town books have been sold.  Brad is going to print some more for us.

Mark said that our senator was not able to get the bill through this time.  This bill will sometime give funds to build the museum/office building.

John is talking to the Walkers about putting up money for Camp Floyd and/or something that can help tell the story of how the Walker Bank got started.

The Masada side of the lake has a lot of Petroglyphs.  The owners are having a special showing on March 15.  John was invited but is going to send Roger instead. 

Our main goals for the ‘Friends of Camp Floyd’  will be

1.  Money, 
2.  Education,
3.  Preservation.

We feel money will come through educational activities.

Next month we will all come back with ideas of “Why Save Camp Floyd?.    If you are not able to come to the meeting, please email us your ideas of what  will help bring people out to Camp Floyd.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday April 13, 2016.  at the Lehi Archives building.



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