Welcome to the new Friends of Camp Floyd website. We have a new President, Michael Helmantoler who is active in Utah historical organizations and Family History technology.  His wife the former Sandra Kirkham is a descendant of 29 ancestors who lived in Fairfield during the Camp Floyd period.  Other of her Utah pioneer ancestors were community leaders and merchants from Lehi, American Fork and Rush Valley.

Michael promises to expand our on-line presence. He is setting up Grassroots.org tools to find grants and donors. He is setting up e-commerce tools to enable membership signup with PayPal and credit/debit cards.

Michael is a member of the Civil War living history group, Soldiers Summit Grays where he portrays a Captian in the 2nd Missouri Calvary. He wears the butternut or tan uniform that was worn by the Confederates west of the Mississippi river,  Another civil war relative Jas. W. Lucas of the 3rd Kentucky Cavalry USA was wounded in a Kentucky skirmish with William Quantrill's Raiders.   William Quantrill was stationed at Camp Floyd.



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