Face to Face and Teleconference Meeting at 7:00 PM Thursday

Special Guest:  Paulette Evans  a 1934 resident of Fairfield.

Fairfield Utah Historical Society  
  1. Plans for Societies Day at the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference
  2. Promotion ideas for our Society page on the FamilySearch Research Wiki
  3. Barn Raising to prepare documents for the Fairfield Utah  research page
  4. Involving Friends in contributing to the Frogtown wiki page
  5. Local Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Docents at the Inn and School

Friends Living History Association 
On-Line Google Hangout Meeting

We will NOT be physically meeting in January.  Our meeting is open to anyone with this  Google Hangout  link.  

Meeting Date
Since the first Thursday of the month falls on New Years Day, we moved it to the second week.  However that day is the Fairfield City Council Meeting where several of our key members serve.  So we moved it to the Wednesday before on January 7. 2015.  

Vote by your attendance on our Google Hangout  if you have not tried this way of meeting before January 7th try it and connect to our president at friendsofcampfloyd1859@gmail.com , and we will walk you through your first time.

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Fairfield Utah Historical Society  
Our Society page on the FamilySearch Research Wiki
Our adoption of the Fairfield Utah  research page
Involving Friends in contributing to the Frogtown wiki page

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