MARCH 3, 2016

Presiding President Brad Gurney, Vice President:  Russ Felt, John Hass, Mark Trotter,

Mike Helmantroler,  Roger Bloomquist, Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Margaret Buttars.

Brad is our new President and Russ our Vice President.  Mike will still be over the communications.  Jordan Baker  will maintain the face book site for us.

All of the Frog Town books have been sold.  Brad is going to print some more for us.

Mark said that our senator was not able to get the bill through this time.  This bill will sometime give funds to build the museum/office building.

John is talking to the Walkers about putting up money for Camp Floyd and/or something that can help tell the story of how the Walker Bank got started.

The Masada side of the lake has a lot of Petroglyphs.  The owners are having a special showing on March 15.  John was invited but is going to send Roger instead. 

Our main goals for the ‘Friends of Camp Floyd’  will be

1.  Money, 
2.  Education,
3.  Preservation.

We feel money will come through educational activities.

Next month we will all come back with ideas of “Why Save Camp Floyd?.    If you are not able to come to the meeting, please email us your ideas of what  will help bring people out to Camp Floyd.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday April 13, 2016.  at the Lehi Archives building.

Discussion of Senator Madsen's Camp Floyd State Park Amendments.

Progress on obtaining ten acres in Fairfield on the site of the original Camp Floyd.
Present: Mike Helmantoler, Russ Felt, John Hawes, Brad Gurney, Roger Blomquist, Margaret Buttars and Chuck Mood

The Lehi Historical Archives move to Downtown Lehi will be until May.

Swift Printing generously provided business cards for Roger Blomquist,
our Visitor Center Construction Project Manager .We thank our Vice President Brad Gurney of Swift Printing for his talents and providing printing services.

Chuck Mood and Mark Trotter have been working with the state tax commission to get funding for the Camp Floyd Museum and Fairfield offices. They are hoping to get $200,000 to help with the project.

Mark Trotter and Russ Felt met with Senator Mark Madsen and legislative staff to introduce a bill to build a new visitor center for Camp Floyd State Park. Please reply if you can help build support for this bill.

Mark Trotter made a gun rack for the collection  historic muskets to be on display in the Commissary.

A field kitchen earthen oven to bake bread will be a new addition for our Memorial Day and Labor Day living history celebrations.

Russ Felt has located ten land locked acres in Fairfield where two Camp Floyd supply buildings were located. The Friends are looking for contributions to acquire this property. 

Michael Helmantoler will explore creating  a Fairfield Family History Discovery Center with FamilySearch.

Next Meeting: Thursday March 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the Lehi Historical Archives
Friends of Camp Floyd   12/3/2015

Attendance:   Mike Helmantoler,  Russ Felt, Mark Trotter, Roger Blomquist,  Margaret Buttars

We made money from the sales of the   “Frog Town” books.  Pam Carson has more information to add to the books.  We will see if Brad can add the information for us.

Sean Winters has property south and west of the commissary.  This is the property we want to buy for the new visitors center.  Russ is going to talk to Sean about the property.  

Mark Trotter is working on a proposal to give to the County Tax Board  for $200,000 for a visitors / museum  center.

Mark is going to contact Senator Mark Madsen about what he needs to put in the proposal. Senator Madsen is sponsoring a bill to help us get money for the new visitors center.

Sheila McKinney has about 10 acres just east of the Commissary, we would like to be able to include with Camp Floyd.   We want to ask the church to donate several acres of their land to the McKinney family in exchange for their property.

Roger Blomquist Ph.D is our Property Manager of Site Development.  We are very happy to have his help.  The movie that is shown at the commissary was made by Roger,  he said the the Alpine School District  has bought the film to give the all the Utah Junior High Schools.
Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt, Woneve Meyers, and Roger Blomquist.

Woneva Meyers shared photos and history of the Camp Floyd Electric Company.  She is very knowledgeable about the properties around old Camp Floyd.

Brad Gurney discussed the history of the "mystery streets" that run through Fairfield that were deeded to the Town by the Federal government when it was incorporated.

Russ Felt discussed the strategy for approaching the targeted 10 acres for the visitor center proposal.

Michael Helmantoler is filing the Federal and State annual tax and registration forms.

Roger Blomquist who has a lot of Camp Floyd and Fairfield historical connections . He produced the TV Documentary that plays in the Commissary /Museum, joined the group. Roger volunteered to prepare the visitor center proposal and to be involved as the project proposal.

We meet again on  December 3, 2015 at 7PM to  work 0n the proposal.
Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Brad Gurney and Margaret Buttars

We are waiting for the easement on the Kofford land to put the sign on, There needs to be a survey and legal description filed with the county. 

We need a 10 acre lot on the old Camp Floyd property from the McKinney to build a 1860 period style visitors center, museum, town hall, police office.  

 Michael made a 400 person outline of the descendants of Camp Floyd Blacksmith Abraham Close Hodge from  Similar outlines can be generated of the other civilian families in the 1860 Camp Floyd Census. These charts have email addresses that can be used to contact living descendants.  They may want to contribute to our land acquisition project 

Eagle Mountain is expanding between Fairfield  and Cedar Fort.  The land  expansion is coming, we need to preserve the property  around Fairfield before it is gone.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, November 5th. Everyone is needed. We are launching  our visitor center project by writing a proposal to submit to raise a million dollars.  

Present:  Mike Helmantoler, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt, Margaret Buttars

Russ Felt found out that there is an old passenger train car in a shed behind the Moorehouse home.  It use to run from Fairfield to Mercur.  There is also a shed behind Vern Carsons home that has names engraved on the walls inside.  It would be nice if we could find a place to display them.  

Bill Wheeler has a cannon that he used to shoot at the Fort Bridger celebration on Labor day.  He has decided to do his demonstrations at Fairfield from now on. 

We have decided to try to raise money to build a building on the property behind the commissary.  To accomplish this we need to write a plan for Phase One.   
Phase One: Write a propasal to present to investers. We would need to  acquire money and property.  the property would hopefully be Shelia Mickinny’s, it is directly south of the Commissary  We would need to hire a Project Manager to help raise the money and to take care of the business end.  

The Second Phase would be to build a museum,  city office space for Fairfield and police officers and a parking lot east of the building.  . There would be donations from the town of Fairfield, the State Park, Historical Society and hopefully others.  The cost would be around $600,000.  The building should look like the period.

Next meeting we will work on Phase One.  We will write to proposal to present to the state, Alpine School District and other investers .  In writing this proposal we need to express why it is important to preserve Camp Floyd.

Next Meeting:  October 1, 2015   (We have moved our meeting back to the original date..The first Thursday of the month.)  in the Archives building in Lehi.



Conducting:  Mike Helmantoler
Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Margaret Buttars, 
Chuck Mood.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning in September 2015 the monthly Friends meeting will be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month instead of the first Thursday of the month

John Haws  will not be moving  the Archives to a new location for another year.  It will be south of the library in one of the older homes.  He will have more for his awesome collection.  

The Carson Family Society meeting attracted 50 members to the pavilion at Camp Floyd the their website has a walking tour of Fairfield

Next reunion will be on Saturday July 16, 2016

We are going to start collecting stories of Fairfield to write another booklet.  It will cover from  about  1859 to 1861.  Brad will let us use his copy machine to put everything in an OCR format.

Our Labor Day weekend will be basically the same as Memorial Day.

There will be a new flag pole erected by the commissary.  It will be about 90’ and similar to the one the army put up.  There will be a ceremony for the flag rising in November.

The state is going to put in a camp ground near the cemetery.  If it is successful they will expand it.

Cree L Kofford will give permission to put up our sign on his property

Labor Day Celebration will be Sept.  5 – 7.  There will be no fireworks this year.

Next meeting:  Sept.  8, 2015        7   P M  Lehi Archives Building

Meet at 7 PM in Lehi Historical Society and Archive on 21oo North,

Discuss Labor Day events and program schedule.

Discuss highway property easement provided by Elder Kofford.

Show mobile sign prototype.

Report on publications progress

Report on Flag  Pole progress toward Veterans Day event. 

Minutes of the July 9, 2015 Friends of Camp Floyd Meeting

Conducting: Michael Helmantoler
Present: Russ Felt, Chuck Mood, Connie Beck

1. Preparations for the Labor day activities - Saturday from 10 AM - 4 PM , Michael, Russ and Chuck will be in the living history area. We will re-invite the Pony Express entertainers.  The Living History enactors will have the usual tents and exhibits. The town is working on a possible large fireworks display for Saturday night. On Monday September 7, Labor Day, Michael and the Pony Express entertainers will be participating in the Lehi Heritage Day event at Wines Park from 2 to 6 PM.

The Carson family Reunion will occur at noon on July 18 in the State Park pavilion.Contact Lynn and Pam Carson at  Everyone is invited. Bring your own lunch. Pam and Lynn's book on Frogtowwn is for sale at the reunion, in the park commisarry and are also for sale on-line at
2. Signage planned by the Town of Fairfield - Brad will check out the feasibility of placing  the sign om the Friends of Camp Floyd lot near the edge of the Palmer property and Kofford property about 15 feet in from the road  shoulder. Michael has two finished 8'x8' grey flannel covered metal frame flats that could be used as a prototype sign for promoting Labor day activities.

3. Property acquisition activities - The park has acquired a new replica 1841 Mississippi rife used at Camp Floyd. Russ offered to help to acquire more weapons to complete the collection. Contacts have been made by the park and friends with adjacent property owners about sale and/donation of land for historic preservation.

4. Additional living history days - The enactors are requesting additional events on non-traditional holidays. We discussed a Saturday November 7th or 14th date for the dedication of the new 90' replica flag pole acquired by the park. These are weekends surrounding Veterans day on Wednesday. This would be a military color gaurd event that would have appeal to the public and could be an annual event as well as become a part of the Memorial Day and Labor Day events.

5. Nominations and elections - Nominations,including self nominations. are open for board elections. If another meeting date would allow more volunteer participation that can be open for vote on our Google Plus tool.

Next Meeting August 6, 2015 at 7 PM at Lehi Historical Archives 2100 N Lehi, UT. Brad Gurney will conduct the meeting.