Friends of Camp Floyd   12/3/2015

Attendance:   Mike Helmantoler,  Russ Felt, Mark Trotter, Roger Blomquist,  Margaret Buttars

We made money from the sales of the   “Frog Town” books.  Pam Carson has more information to add to the books.  We will see if Brad can add the information for us.

Sean Winters has property south and west of the commissary.  This is the property we want to buy for the new visitors center.  Russ is going to talk to Sean about the property.  

Mark Trotter is working on a proposal to give to the County Tax Board  for $200,000 for a visitors / museum  center.

Mark is going to contact Senator Mark Madsen about what he needs to put in the proposal. Senator Madsen is sponsoring a bill to help us get money for the new visitors center.

Sheila McKinney has about 10 acres just east of the Commissary, we would like to be able to include with Camp Floyd.   We want to ask the church to donate several acres of their land to the McKinney family in exchange for their property.

Roger Blomquist Ph.D is our Property Manager of Site Development.  We are very happy to have his help.  The movie that is shown at the commissary was made by Roger,  he said the the Alpine School District  has bought the film to give the all the Utah Junior High Schools.
Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt, Woneve Meyers, and Roger Blomquist.

Woneva Meyers shared photos and history of the Camp Floyd Electric Company.  She is very knowledgeable about the properties around old Camp Floyd.

Brad Gurney discussed the history of the "mystery streets" that run through Fairfield that were deeded to the Town by the Federal government when it was incorporated.

Russ Felt discussed the strategy for approaching the targeted 10 acres for the visitor center proposal.

Michael Helmantoler is filing the Federal and State annual tax and registration forms.

Roger Blomquist who has a lot of Camp Floyd and Fairfield historical connections . He produced the TV Documentary that plays in the Commissary /Museum, joined the group. Roger volunteered to prepare the visitor center proposal and to be involved as the project proposal.

We meet again on  December 3, 2015 at 7PM to  work 0n the proposal.