On-Line Google Hangout Meeting

We will NOT be physically meeting in January.  Our meeting is open to anyone with this  Google Hangout  link.  

Meeting Date
Since the first Thursday of the month falls on New Years Day, we moved it to the second week.  However that day is the Fairfield City Council Meeting where several of our key members serve.  So we moved it to the Wednesday before on January 7. 2015.  

Vote by your attendance on our Google Hangout  if you have not tried this way of meeting before January 7th try it and connect to our president at friendsofcampfloyd1859@gmail.com , and we will walk you through your first time.

Results of our on-line fundraising projects
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Fairfield Utah Historical Society  
Our Society page on the FamilySearch Research Wiki
Our adoption of the Fairfield Utah  research page
Involving Friends in contributing to the Frogtown wiki page

Other Reports
We will try our first virtual meeting using Google Hangouts.  For those who can not access a computer at 7 PM we have a Google Phone number for the Friends of Camp Floyd which is 435-414-0523.  

This might be a good meeting to invite your computer technical family member to help you get Google account ready.

This meeting will require patience as it  is using new technology which needs to be set up by each of the meeting attendees.  The Google Hangout service is a feature of Google Plus which adds Google social media capabilities to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc. accounts. 

Please get a free Google account so that our Friends from across the state and even the world can join with us LIVE on our discussions of Camp Floyd history.

There are no internet or phone connections at the Lehi Archives meeting place so  no one will be there when we do these teleconferences. 

While you are waiting for others to connect please go to our fundraising site and contribute your annual dues to the project for roadside signs and the walking tour.
Our discussion  tonight will be on how you can share this project with others.  

Please be patient as we outfit with our electronic outfits and stay comfy in our slippers during  this winter season.   You can message me with Hangouts so that I can help you on your first solo.

At your service, Michael Helmantoler