Convene at Lehi City Archives at 7 PM

Ghosts of  Camp Floyd impressions - Mark Trotter

Web site progress and social media connections - Michael Helmantoler

Property Acquisition - Russ Felt

Financial Statement - Margaret Buttars

Electronic banking, debit card and Paypal - Michael Helmantoler

Global Giving campaign participation - Michael Helmantoler

State Grant Status - Chuck Mood  

New business.
Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Brad Gurney, Mark Trotter, Chuck Mood, Sandra Helmantoler is on-line and connected with PayPal, FaceBook, Pinterest and Google+. We recived Google for Nonprofit adgrant for $10,000 AdWord advertising. Decided to use for membership card sales, park event promotion and land acquisition project funding. You can pay for your annual membership card on the donation page where it says subscribe.

Fund raising activities for October are 1. Park will do email campaign to point audience to the Friends site where they can subscribe and get a Friends membership card and benefits. 2. Friends to set up Google Ad Words campaign to get high search status on appropriate key works for several different campaigns.

Friends will mail out a monthly "finding" of interest to our Google+ social networking "Friends" circle to benefit our members. 

Archive is created with two full file cabinets. Thanks to John Haws and Sandra Helmantoler Michael is making an document inventory for the website.  Park will provide copies of their documents not on the inventory. Brad will propose to town council that Friends be the Fairfield Utah Historical Society for the period of Camp Floyd 1858-61.

Until Next meeting, all Friends should explore our internet tools and dialog with Michael.
The board goal is to complete the transfer of the land along the highway to the Friends.