Present:  Mike Helmantoler, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt, Margaret Buttars

Russ Felt found out that there is an old passenger train car in a shed behind the Moorehouse home.  It use to run from Fairfield to Mercur.  There is also a shed behind Vern Carsons home that has names engraved on the walls inside.  It would be nice if we could find a place to display them.  

Bill Wheeler has a cannon that he used to shoot at the Fort Bridger celebration on Labor day.  He has decided to do his demonstrations at Fairfield from now on. 

We have decided to try to raise money to build a building on the property behind the commissary.  To accomplish this we need to write a plan for Phase One.   
Phase One: Write a propasal to present to investers. We would need to  acquire money and property.  the property would hopefully be Shelia Mickinny’s, it is directly south of the Commissary  We would need to hire a Project Manager to help raise the money and to take care of the business end.  

The Second Phase would be to build a museum,  city office space for Fairfield and police officers and a parking lot east of the building.  . There would be donations from the town of Fairfield, the State Park, Historical Society and hopefully others.  The cost would be around $600,000.  The building should look like the period.

Next meeting we will work on Phase One.  We will write to proposal to present to the state, Alpine School District and other investers .  In writing this proposal we need to express why it is important to preserve Camp Floyd.

Next Meeting:  October 1, 2015   (We have moved our meeting back to the original date..The first Thursday of the month.)  in the Archives building in Lehi.