Conducting:  Mike Helmantoler
Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Margaret Buttars, 
Chuck Mood.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning in September 2015 the monthly Friends meeting will be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month instead of the first Thursday of the month

John Haws  will not be moving  the Archives to a new location for another year.  It will be south of the library in one of the older homes.  He will have more for his awesome collection.  

The Carson Family Society meeting attracted 50 members to the pavilion at Camp Floyd the their website has a walking tour of Fairfield

Next reunion will be on Saturday July 16, 2016

We are going to start collecting stories of Fairfield to write another booklet.  It will cover from  about  1859 to 1861.  Brad will let us use his copy machine to put everything in an OCR format.

Our Labor Day weekend will be basically the same as Memorial Day.

There will be a new flag pole erected by the commissary.  It will be about 90’ and similar to the one the army put up.  There will be a ceremony for the flag rising in November.

The state is going to put in a camp ground near the cemetery.  If it is successful they will expand it.

Cree L Kofford will give permission to put up our sign on his property

Labor Day Celebration will be Sept.  5 – 7.  There will be no fireworks this year.

Next meeting:  Sept.  8, 2015        7   P M  Lehi Archives Building

Meet at 7 PM in Lehi Historical Society and Archive on 21oo North,

Discuss Labor Day events and program schedule.

Discuss highway property easement provided by Elder Kofford.

Show mobile sign prototype.

Report on publications progress

Report on Flag  Pole progress toward Veterans Day event.