Minutes of the July 9, 2015 Friends of Camp Floyd Meeting

Conducting: Michael Helmantoler
Present: Russ Felt, Chuck Mood, Connie Beck

1. Preparations for the Labor day activities - Saturday from 10 AM - 4 PM , Michael, Russ and Chuck will be in the living history area. We will re-invite the Pony Express entertainers.  The Living History enactors will have the usual tents and exhibits. The town is working on a possible large fireworks display for Saturday night. On Monday September 7, Labor Day, Michael and the Pony Express entertainers will be participating in the Lehi Heritage Day event at Wines Park from 2 to 6 PM.

The Carson family Reunion will occur at noon on July 18 in the State Park pavilion.Contact Lynn and Pam Carson at pamcarsonATgmail.com.  Everyone is invited. Bring your own lunch. Pam and Lynn's book on Frogtowwn is for sale at the reunion, in the park commisarry and are also for sale on-line at http://www.swiftprintingonline.com/books/products/
2. Signage planned by the Town of Fairfield - Brad will check out the feasibility of placing  the sign om the Friends of Camp Floyd lot near the edge of the Palmer property and Kofford property about 15 feet in from the road  shoulder. Michael has two finished 8'x8' grey flannel covered metal frame flats that could be used as a prototype sign for promoting Labor day activities.

3. Property acquisition activities - The park has acquired a new replica 1841 Mississippi rife used at Camp Floyd. Russ offered to help to acquire more weapons to complete the collection. Contacts have been made by the park and friends with adjacent property owners about sale and/donation of land for historic preservation.

4. Additional living history days - The enactors are requesting additional events on non-traditional holidays. We discussed a Saturday November 7th or 14th date for the dedication of the new 90' replica flag pole acquired by the park. These are weekends surrounding Veterans day on Wednesday. This would be a military color gaurd event that would have appeal to the public and could be an annual event as well as become a part of the Memorial Day and Labor Day events.

5. Nominations and elections - Nominations,including self nominations. are open for board elections. If another meeting date would allow more volunteer participation that can be open for vote on our Google Plus tool.

Next Meeting August 6, 2015 at 7 PM at Lehi Historical Archives 2100 N Lehi, UT. Brad Gurney will conduct the meeting.

The meeting will be delayed to the second week of July because of the 4th of July holiday weekend.  On July 9th we will meet in the usual Lehi City Historical Archives on 2100 North. 

The minutes of the last few months had technical difficulties they were posted to the blog section of this website but did  not get published.  This was not noticed until July 7th.  The blog page on the site has been fixed and renamed "Minutes".  

The July meeting agenda:
1. Discussion of the preparations for the Labor day activities
2. Signage planned by the Town of Fairfield
3. Property acquisition activities
4. Additional living history days
5. Nominations and elections

Conducting:  Mike Helmantoler
Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Margaret Buttars

John Haws is moving our meeting place in the Lehi City Historical Archives to a new location.  It will be south of the library in one of the older homes.  He will have more for his awesome collection.  Thank you John for all the work you do to preserve history.

We are going to start collecting stories of Fairfield to write another booklet.  It will cover from  about  1859 to 1861.

We sold out of our “Frog Town” booklets.  Brad is going to print more copies to sell on Labor Day weekend, and  on our web site.  

Our Labor Day weekend will be basically the same as Memorial Day.

Mike acquired 4  stage flats  (4’ X 8’)  that are the same color as adobe bricks we discussed different ideas of how to use them.  
Mike is going try  again to get someone to let us put up a sign on their property.

Next meeting:  July  9, 2015        7   P M at the present Archives location.

May Meeting at Lehi City Historical Archive
Conducting: Brad  Gurney Vice President
Minutes Recorded by Margaret Buttars, Secretary Treasurer
Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt

Pam brought copies of the book   ‘Frog Town and Buildings of Fairfield and Camp Floyd’.  She finished  typing it.  She asked for people to read through it to get feedback.  She did a great job putting all this together.  Thank you Lynn and Pam for all the many hours you put into this project, it is greatly appreciated.Brad will design a cover for it and print about 50 copies  for Memorial Day, we will sell them for$4.95.John and Russ put a book together of the Poems written by soldiers at Camp Floyd.  Brad is going to design a cover for this and it will be sold in the commissary for $4.95.

John and Russ put a book together of the Poems written by soldiers at Camp Floyd.  Brad is going to design a cover for this and it will be sold in the commissary for $4.95.After these projects are all done, we would like to collect stories of people to put in a book.  We will meet at Brad’s work and start scanning all of our stories, to be put in a booklet.Memorial Day:    Russ will email the people about setting up tents..  We hope to have the Barber,  a fashion show, apple press, and confederate soldiers, and a petting zoo.

We have a 90’ flag pole to put up by the commissary.  It is like the one used at Camp Floyd.Russ knows  someone how can put it up for us. 
Next meeting:  June 4, 2015        7   P M
Conducting:  Mike Helmantoler

Present:  Lynn Carson, Pam Carson, Brad Gurney, Chuck Mood,  Russ Felt 

Informal working meeting reviewing the historical sites for the walking tour map and the up coming series of books.  There was an open discussion on what resources were available for authorship.

This will be the last attempt to conduct meetings using the Google application.

Next meeting:  May 7, 2015        7   P M