Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Margaret Buttars, Pam Carson, Lynn Carson, Chuck Mood, Brad Gurney  and others listening in on Google Hangouts who did not announce themselves.

Memorial Day agenda items were tabled until April meeting due to the presenters being absent.

Michael Helmantoler is working on a Google Map of Fairfield and Camp Floyd that will be used for ‘Walking Tour’.   The map has  198 markers with coded two digit IDs identifying military, civilian buildings, residents in the 1860 census and their at Camp Floyd and Fairfield.  These IDs will be mounted on a cedar post and can be looked up in the book or on a smart phone. The map marker pin ID will take the smart phone user to a  photo and a short bio or building description. Visitors to the Fairfield Historical Society web site will be able to see the interactive Google map and visit Fairfield from a distance.

Pam Carson has been editing the booklet on the Buildings of Frogtown written by John Haws. This will be one of the booklets that will be available for sale in the commissary for about $5.00.

Brad Gurney reported that Fairfield is one of five cites that is being looked at for the new prison.    There are pros for the State Park with more traffic and cons for the town of Fairield with the loss of its privacy to the prison visitors.  It will be close to Five Mile Pass.  Brad suggested that we write letters to the editor, because it would be good publicity for the camp and Fairfield and to be sure and mention our web sites.

Next month we will discuss Memorial Day and Labor Day plans.

Next Meeting:     April  2 ,  2015            Lehi Archives Building               7:00  P.M.