Key property owners and historical markers on their property: Michael

Memorial Day encampment:dressing and marching kid: Mark and Chuck

Camping participants: Gayel and Kirk Bishoff

Schedule for Non camping Friends as docents in the school and Inn: Mark Trotter

Camping area information center with Historical Society booklets and flyers: Russ or Brad

Memorial Day enauguration of the walking tour: Michael
Minutes of the Friends of Camp Floyd and Fairfield    5 February 2015   7 pm    Lehi Archive

Secretary Margaret Buttars absent, notes by Pamela Carson

Attending: Michael Helmantoler, Sandra Helmantoler, Pam Carson, Lynn Carson, Mark Trotter, Brad Gurney, Russ Felt, guests Paulette Evans, Bill Evans, Melodie Brimhall

Michael followed the agenda posted in the previous posting on this blog. This blog serves as the notification of the  agenda and the posting of the minutes of the meeting.

Societies Day at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference at the Salt Palace.  Michael will be there to promote the Friends of Camp Floyd.

Our website will have links to the books now in progress.  Michael showed us a mockup of the booklet with the walking tour of Frogtown (Fairfield) in it.

Frogtown has a Wikipage on Research Wiki.

DUP volunteers are needed to be docents for the park areas, especially during activities in Fairfield, Labor Day, Frogtown Day, Memorial Day, Ladies of Camp Floyd Day, etc.  DUP company president in Lehi, with 10 camps (groups), is Annjeanette Lofgren.  801-882-3049. Wearing period clothing is helpful.

We are looking for writers to prepare documents for that will be posted to the Fairfield Utah Research Wiki page.

Lynn Carson spoke about meeting with Pat Cartwright other Carson family members who wanted information about the Carson ancestors.  They agreed to have a Carson family reunion in July at the park and Mark confirmed the date.  The family were told about the Friends of Camp Floyd and none of them had heard about it.  We need to share the information with extended family members.

Handouts tonight were two maps of Fairfield, one is current and the other from 1861 with residents listed on both.

Pam Carson shared two histories of pony express riders/staff who were in Fairfield: Lucius Valette McKenzie was a pony express rider and later freighter for the army and A. B. Miller, who worked for W.H. Russell as an agent (office in Fairfield) and acquired the horses.  The obituary for McKenzie was difficult to read so Pam volunteered to type it and email it.

Paulette Evans was introduced as the guest speaker. She is related to the Hodge and Dubois families.  She told stories of life in Fairfield, Cedar Fort and Lehi.

Charles Roland Stebbens was a gambler and married a Hodge, Helen “Nell” married in Fairfield.  He made a great deal of money gambling.   

Michael suggested we collect stories from the "old timers".  Paulette told about a family member with too much time on his hands who cut his donkey’s tail into 3 bells (shaped the tail into three vertical isosceles triangles) and people would stop and stare at the donkey .

Mark said the genealogy and stories were great but we need to focus on our mission statement and land, funding, and volunteers are our first priority. See mission statement.  We then discussed possible land swaps and land purchases.  We studied the maps of Fairfield and the county area.  Our priority is to hopefully acquire property near the commissary . 

We discuss the Memorial Day activities including the fashion show and reenactors.  Mark needs help.  A pony express saddle will be coming.

Michael said we need fund raising, the memberships are not very much money.  We need donations from companies such as Adobe.  We discussed other possibilities for donations: waste management, the new dump, dry farmers, Wells Fargo, etc.  We need to specify what we want before we request donations.  Specify our goal.  We can ask the legislator for Eagle Mountain and the valley area for money for projects.

Meeting ended but close to 8:30 pm.